Questions to ask yourself before buying a new knife

Questions to ask yourself before buying a new knife

The reasons to buying a new knife will differ for every person and every scenario. But here are some major questions you need to ask yourself before buying a new knife for life.

What are you going to use your knife for?

So where do you start? The first thing you need to ask yourself is what you are going to use your knife for? Because different knives serve different purposes. Think about why you’re buying a new knife in the first place. Are you going to use it to skin a deer, chop wood or prepare meals? 

We have universal knives in convenient sizes that work as multi tools, but even those are created with their own special tasks in mind. A knife designed to do everything tends not to do anything particularly well.

If you need more guidance you can read more on our post about what knife that would suit you the best.

How much are you hoping to spend?

Knives have different price-ranges and generally, a knife for life costs more than a cheaper one that you’ll have to trade out after a year or two. We believe in buying better and consuming less, and when it comes to lifelong gear it might be worth paying a little extra. Beware though, there are knives out there that go for premium prices without having the premium characteristics, neither in choice of material nor durability.

However, the real purpose of having a knife is to see it getting the job done. You don’t have to spend exaggerated amounts for good quality at Roselli, we’ve got knives in premium quality in different price-ranges. Because we want to give more people the opportunity to buy better and consume less.

How are you going to carry it?

The first thing you should consider is the size of the knife you want. Because the entire point of having a knife is that it comes in hand, so the most important thing a knife needs to do is to be easy to carry for your particular purpose and lifestyle.

If you plan to carry the knife in your pocket you should think of how it would feel when sitting down or when you’re going about your daily routines.  If it’s in the way you might start leaving it at home, not using your new knife. If you’re going to carry your knife in a pack or sheath attached to your belt you have more options in both size and weight.

It’s not rocket science, just a friendly reminder that some of us might forget when getting a knife for life. That’s why we’ve got different models and sizes for any occasion. Because there’s a big difference between if you’re looking for a pocket knife or a big knife

It doesn’t matter what a knife was meant to do, or what we and others claim that they can do — all that really matters is what the knife can do in your hands. What tasks it can help you with. Because a knife is not made to live its life hidden in a drawer.

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