Roselli knife being sharpened

What is the most important thing about a knife?

The answer is easy: the most important thing about knives is that they are sharp. This is because a sharp knife means more control and less slippage when you use it, leading to much safer work. A knife that isn't sharp can be dangerous since you have to apply much more pressure, a sharp one will do the job easily.

But how do you keep your knife sharp? Depending on the hardness of the steel you should use either a sharpening stone (for Carbon steeel) or diamond sharpener (for UHC steel).  Keeping a knife sharp involves two methods: honing and sharpening. You can read more of how you can care for and maintain your knife under our Care & Repair page, or watch our Youtube-tutorial of how to sharpen your knife below.

If you need help with keeping your knife sharp, you can always send it to us with our free sharpening service – and we'll do it for you. 


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